Ambient films, mostly non-narrative, contemplative pieces.

ABSTRACTIONS, CURIOUS IMAGES and WATER & BEACH, have no sound and can be used as backdrops for dance, parties or gigs.

WATER AND BEACH, a mash-up of out-takes by the special effects team

Four others, IVYCHURCH, FIGURES IN A LANDSCAPE, MOONDANCER and HARE KRISHNA, are built around dance or music performance.

BLOWING IN THE WIND and THE CAR PARK AT ROCK-A-NORE were filmed by the sea at Hastings

SUMMERTIME combines images of boys sandboarding at low tide, a fireworks display later that night, and music-making at a beach-hut party.

DO BIRDS DREAM IN COLOUR? celebrates the exuberance of my mother’s drawings at 85.

THE THIRD JOURNEY was filmed on a rain-soaked holiday in Madeira

GONE IN A MINUTE contains the whole of Gone With the Wind except for the American Civil War

A one-minute guide to making a narrative film